About the company


Hotronic Laane LLC was established in 2005 and until 2010 was the principal place of business in western part of Estonia and the corporate office was located in Pärnu.
From the third quarter of 2010 primarily operates in Tallinn. Its main activities include intruder alarm and access control systems, CCTV systems, fire alarm systems and personal alarm systems design, installation and maintenance.

However, we also wholesell the equipment to our partners.


The products and services are:

o Fire alarm systems (Detectomat)
o CCTV systems (JVC Professional, Meritlilin, CBC, Videor, Chance-i)
o intruder alarm systems (Paradox)
o access control systems (Apollo, Soyal, Garrett, Gate Technology)
o Computer and Telephone Networks
o Automation and Telematics
o voice evacuation system (Detectomat)
consultancy, design, installation and maintenance.


We also carry out an electrical installations and maintenance.


We represent in Estonia the following brands:


Apollo Security -    
a leading access control  systems manufacturer  in USA
Detectomat GmbH -  fire alarm equipment manufacturer in Germany
JVC Professional -  video surveillance systems and equipment manufacturer in Japan
Funkwerk GmbH -  personal alarm systems, DECT system and TETRA equipments
Soyal  Technology
-  access control system equipment manufacturer in Taiwan
Chance-i -  video recording system manufacturer in Korea
Gate Technology -  passenger and baggage inspection machines from L3 Communication, USA
Pixord -  CCTV equipments manufacturer in Taiwan
MeritLilin -  CCTV equipments manufacturer in Taiwan

iProSecu                 -     Network video recording software manufacturer in Taiwan

Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Ipro Pixord